Difference between whole_compiler.ml, js_compiler.ml, and js_refmt_compiler.ml

@Hongbo I’d like to submit some PRs to fix some problems I found with warnings when compiling some ReScript syntax. However I’m not sure if I need to modify whole_compiler.ml, js_compiler.ml, or js_refmt_compiler.ml. Do you mind explaining the difference between these three please? Thanks!

Thanks for the interest.
Those three are all generated code. The source lives in jscomp/ directory.
Whenever you made changes, run node ../scripts/ninja.js build should do the build

OK, thanks. Out of curiosity what are those separate builds? Support for different syntaxes?


Looks like I needed to make my change in rescript-lang/ocaml. In any case, I created my PR here:



js_*.ml supports browsers as a target