Discussions: simplification of `rescript clean` semantics

In latest rescript release, we made a bunch fix of the build which makes the build quite robust even when users do the upgrade.

So in theory, users don’t need rescript clean at all, they just need run rescript whenever they want.

However, such clean subcommand needs to be preserved for troubleshooting. Since it is only for troubleshooting, I am proposing a simplification to its interface.


git/tutorials%npx rescript clean -h
Usage : rescript.exe clean <options>
It only clean the current project by default
  -with-deps  Clean dependencies too
  -verbose    Set the output to be verbose


%npx rescript clean -h
Usage: clean the project and its dependencies

Agreed, I use it only for troubleshooting so let’s make cleaning the dependencies the default!

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