Do we have a plan for rewritting our extension by rescript?

As the title. I think the Rescript language is stable enough, may be it’s time for us to rewrite our rescript-vscode extension by rescript for the js world side which was written by typescript. Is anyone interested in it?

A goal is to rewrite the server in OCaml when the feature surface has stabilized. Before that there needs to be a test-suite to not introduce regressions with the rewrite. Currently, only the analysis binary itself is well-tested.

And before we have a test-suite for the server, there needs to be more discussion in RFC: Monorepo support, we need to find common ground for what ReScript considers a monorepo so that the extension can support it.

So to summarize the next steps for the extension are:

  1. Specifiy where all the binaries (rescript and bsc) should be found.
  2. Specify what kinds of monorepo permutations the extension needs and wants to support. And how.
  3. Introduce a test-suite with the monorepo permutations in mind.
  4. Fix any issues that emerge on the way.

If the feature set has stabilized at that point, then I would say we can consider a rewrite in OCaml for the server and in ReScript for the client.

For the sake of completeness, there are issues for both rewrites:


There are already issues with existing discussions on the repo, like @fham says. I think we can continue the discussion there instead of duplicating it on the forum.

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