Do we have a plan to make rescript self hosted or rewrite all parts of editor by rescript?

The most shining parts of rescript compared to typescript and other compiled to js languages are the type and module system i thought, but the editor experience is also very important to me. For now, the editor is written by ts and OCaml, ts for the client and server, and OCaml for the analyser, every time we edit the code, we call the binary executable file rescript-editor-analysis.exe to get the type information. It takes almost 10s for me to get type hint on Windows with a 50k loc project. It’s too painful for me to write more rescript code on this project.
Let’s take a look at typescript, it’s much smooth when writting code than rescript, may be this is because typescript is self hosted, and the editor plugin and analyser are also written by ts it self, this make the editor evolve faster.

Is this even without inlay hints activated? Because that is a known issue.
Other than that just rewriting in a different language won’t solve your performance issues. Maybe it is time to do, but for most users (that probably do not use Windows) this has not been an issue so far.

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Thanks for the reply. The inlay hints work well, but the hover hints are much slow, it usually takes almost 10s, sometimes 1s, sometimes it prompts nothing. Is this because i activated too much features like parameterHints, signatureHelp, inlayHints, codeLens?

@zth probably has more insight here