Dockerize Project - LSP doesn't work - bsb.lock file is missing


I’m trying to dockerize a rescript project the first time. Without docker, everything works fine. Now, if I start the build process (rescript build -w) in the container, it builds the project as well, but in my code editor (neovim), the lsp doesn’t work anymore.
The whole project folder will be mounted into the container.

I think there should be a bsb.lock file where the LSP gets the information from?! But I can’t see this file. Neither outside nor inside of the container.

What confuses me: If I run the build watch command outside of the container, I can’t see the file either, but the LSP works.

I’m using rescript v. 10.1.3 on a linux machine. The docker container uses node:19.8.1.