Editor Hints/Popups in Rescript

Right now when you hover over a type or module in vscode if there is an example of usage in the popup its usually in ocaml syntax. I suppose this was ok when we were ReasonML but now that we are Rescript and explicitly moving away from ocaml maybe we should change the examples to rescript syntax.


Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 17.21.06

It doesnt seem like that would be hard to do but I am probably wrong. Is there an effort underway to do this?

If so, i would like to help.

If not, is there a reason we can’t do this right now?

I think this would go a long way to easying the onboarding for the js devs this project is targeting.

Thank you.

It’s on the roadmap. the plan is to convert standard library’s code and examples into rescript syntax and add first class support for markdown doc comments via /** */ syntax.