Enable system dark/light mode in Discourse

It would be great if it would be possible to select System option in the menu for dark/light theme in User Preference Interface. As a frequent user it is cumbersome to have to switch themes manually depending if it is day or night.

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We’ve tried that briefly, but Discourse’s dark theme is kinda… ugly… so we decided to keep it light.

Might change our mind, but the vast majority doesn’t seem to switch themes during the day.

can it be optional for the user to choose? Right now I am able to choose between dark and light. But I can’t select “System”.

After my Lasik eye surgery I became more sensitive to light on dark rooms :frowning:

We couldn’t find such option. Currently the user can explicitly opt into either light or dark mode, but not “automatic” mode. If there’s a way to keep the light mode, and have users opt automatic mode, that’d be nice. Maybe we missed it

One possible solution could be using a browser extension like Dark Reader (or any of its numerous alternatives).

oh ok, I thought it was just a matter of upgrading Discourse or a quick toggle in settings.
No worries. I’ll keep toggling manually.