Error when deploying a ReScript Next.js site to Vercel

Posting here as it may be related to ReScript.

I have a build script:

bsb -make-world && next build

I see the following in the deploy log:

11:56:43.105  	$ bsb -make-world
11:56:43.202  	Error: /vercel/workpath0/temp: No such file or directory
11:56:43.230  	error Command failed with exit code 2.

Anyone have experience with this error, or suggestions about how to investigate?



I think I’ve found the reason for this problem.

In my bsconfig.json file I have my sources configured as:

"sources": [
  { "dir": "src", "subdirs": true },
  { "dir": "temp", "subdirs": true }

I’m assuming bsb -make-world then fails if the directory does not exist.

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