Error while installing Rescript 9.1.4

I cloned a repo and tried installing the packages using yarn. The project has rescript 9.1.4 as dependency. However, am running into an error that says Error: Command failed: make -j9 world.opt && make install. Please refer to Error while installing rescript 9.1.4 · Issue #6402 · rescript-lang/rescript-compiler · GitHub for full details.

System Info:

  • MacBook Pro - Apple M2
  • Node - v16.19.0
  • Python - 3.9.6


Is there any reason why you cannot upgrade to ReScript 10? Because 9 does not support Apple Silicon processors like your M2.

It’s an ongoing project, and upgrading to 10 is not currently an option. However, it’s working fine on my peer’s system with the same system configuration.

By any chance, does your peer have Rosetta installed and you don’t?

Not sure. I enabled Rosetta and it’s working fine now :grinning: