Extension crashing?

I keep seeing this message pop up. It says “Request textDocument/documentSymbol failed.” I searched the VS Code extension GitHub issues and didn’t see anything like this. Happens ALL the time. I checked and don’t think I have any experimental stuff installed. I did have an experimental feature but turned it off a few days ago. Any suggestions?


The language server output looks like…

  Syntax error!

  5 │     doc:'a,
  6 │     state:
  7 │ }
  8 │ }
  9 │ 

  I'm missing a type here

  Syntax error!

  11 │   let (data, setData) = SolidStore.createStore({"doc": None})
  12 │ }
  13 │ Request textDocument/documentSymbol failed.

  consecutive statements on a line must be separated by ';' or a newline
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Please report it to the extension GitHub repository and we’ll have a look.

This has been fixed and a release with the fix is coming very soon.