Front end engineer on TinyMCE

I work on a project you may have heard of, TinyMCE. It is a well established and widely used browser-based HTML editor used across large chunks of the internet.

The codebase is mostly TypeScript and weighs in at somewhere north of 250,000 loc just for the open source project. There is a lot more TypeScript in closed-source premium features. For the last two years my team has been building our latest premium feature in ReScript; real-time collaboration based on the Slate editor model. That codebase is about to pass 87,000 lines of code. The long term plan is to move the model, two thirds of that code, to our central open source repository.

The TinyMCE team is looking for developers in general but I’m posting today looking specifically for developers at all levels of ReScript experience. If you’re interested enough in ReScript to be reading this you’re probably someone we want to talk to. Strong TypeScript/JavaScript experience would be helpful but is by no means required! If you’re good enough and willing to work in ReScript in a professional capacity I will be happy.

The job is 100% remote but I will caution that our developers are in Australia and Europe at the moment. We’re not totally opposed to hiring someone in America or a similar time zone, if we find the right person, but the hours might be weird. The more overlap you have with us the better.

If you’re interested please DM me, grab me on socials, or my email address is on my GitHub profile. Alternatively go straight to applying for the job and let them know I sent you (we have a referral program :wink: )


Also, for anyone reading this later please don’t hold back. The ReScript community is still quite small so I will welcome contact from anyone at any time.

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