Functional programming survey

From the ReScript-Subreddit:

[Survey] Advantages of using functional programming for commercial software development

I need participants for the survey that I am conducting as part of my Master’s thesis research. My thesis centers on the adoption of functional programming in the software industry, its industrial readiness, as well as the benefits and challenges of its implementation.

If you’re using ReScript/ReasonML in your daily work (or even concepts and ideas from FP in general) at the company you work at and can spare ~5-7 minutes to answer the survey below (or share it with your colleagues, instead), I would be incredibly grateful!

Participation is completely anonymous and your data will only be used cumulatively. I am going to share the survey results and their analysis, along with the conclusions from other types of research I am conducting, such as literature reviews and 1-on-1 interviews.

Link (the survey is hosted on Google Forms):