GenType + Flow support dropped?

Did genType+flow support get dropped? When did this happen? I can’t see it in the changelog, I assume that’s where it should be now that genType got ported into the compiler?


Also, if it has been dropped, someone will need to update the Algolia indexes, as they still mention flow in various places.

Here it is: would you add an issue as reminder to make this more explicit and update the algolia index?


:boom: Breaking Change

  • Vendor genType, which does not need to be installed separately anymore. Only TypeScript back-endsupported.

Ok done.

Next question :grin: do you think there’s a sensible way to “unvendor” genType, so we can continue to upgrade to newer versions of rescript without losing type safety?

Also, I just downgraded to rescript v10.0.1 and flow still doesn’t seem to be supported?

The only reliable v10 version is the latest, as there have been several bug fixes.
To get old genType, one needs to stick to v9.

Is there definitely no way to use the old external genType?

@ryyppy once said to me, “Since the compiler won’t introduce breaking changes for genType, we could pretty much stay on genType v4 forever, everything will just work the way we are used to right now and we’d be able to update to the latest compiler bugfix patches in e.g LTS v10.”

Of course this was a long time ago and I’m not expecting anyone to be bound to a personal message, but this must have been the thinking at one time. It would be a huge benefit to the work of our company if a solution could be found!

The way to use the old gentype is to use the old compiler.
That will continue to work.

Guess I’ll be digging into the compiler internals with no support :sweat_smile: on a serious note, if you do think of anything helpful regarding where the integration points are between the language compiler itself and gentype, it would be much appreciated. I’m working on the assumption that it was “vendored” as described, i.e. internalised but kept separate, and therefore there might be some way to swap in the old flow-supporting version. For us it’s definitely worth an investigation anyway.