Github organization reasonml-community -> rescript-community?

What about the reasonml-community Github organization? Are there plans to rename it to rescript-community, or to create a new organization rescript-community?

I am asking because I would like to rename reasonml-community/bs-react-intl to rescript-community/rescript-react-intl or similar.

Hey @cknitt!

The old reasonml-community org ended up as an abandoned org whose project quality varied greatly; it wasn’t the “highly curated, leadership-recommended” bunch of libraries we hoped it would become.

This ended up being worse for marketing and for newcomer orientation than if we didn’t create it. We now think it’s better if bindings are maintained in individual and company orgs:

⁃ Clear accountability.
⁃ The proper credential building goes to the person and/or company instead of a nebulous collective.
⁃ Quality libraries wouldn’t be dragged down by the potential reputation rot of an unmaintained rescript-community org.

So we think we shouldn’t need a rescript-community org in the foreseeable future. To compensate for the lack of exposure, we’ll recommend a few packages in our docs and on the forum, which is usually more effective.

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Thanks, that makes sense! Will continue the discussion for bs-react-intl in Repo and package name · Issue #39 · reasonml-community/bs-react-intl · GitHub.

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