Going nuts with this SVGloader.js

Hello guys.
I am currently learning coding, and I came across this cool project (Persona Avatar Generator by draftbit).
now, I have been struggling for 3 days trying to figure out how to customize these SVG elements, I have SVG files designed, is there a way I can run the files rather than having it built-in… Cheers! // Leo


I think the reason for the svg data being included in the svg loader component is to provide functions to use variables (eg fill) inside of the svg.

If you don’t care about variable colors you could just add your own name to the switch statement of getHtml and just use <img src="some.svg"> on the right hand side.
If you want more separation of the svgs and still use functions for colors, just create a new module (file) holding your svg.

Don’t forget to add your newly introduced name to config.json.

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