Happy new year ☺️

Hope you all have a great new years eve!
Let me finish 2021 by appreciating our awesome community around ReScript.

Many thanks to the core team for continuing to evolve the language we all love!

Thank you @zth for rescript-relay, if you haven’t checked out the new cli command remove-unused-fields yet give this a view.
Thank you @fham for creating awesome-rescript. Thanks to @tom-sherman for his constributions to this forum and sharing some great bindings, for instance to the upcoming React 18. Thanks to @greyblake for sharing his experience on transitioning a codebase from TypeScript to Rescript on Twitter. Thanks to all you other contributors that I forgot :pray:

I look forward to another year with all of you!


Thanks everyone for helping and guiding me in my ReScript rewrite! =)
Especially big thanks to @yawaramin and @tsnobip !
Happy New Year!


Do you have a summarisation of what you learned when doing the rewrite? Or could link to the tweets?


I am still in progress. Once I finish I’d like to write a blog article about it.
So far you can find my tweets abouit it by hashtag #FromTypescriptToRescript: https://twitter.com/hashtag/FromTypescriptToRescript


@mellson Thank you. Back at you.

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Here you are: From TypeScript To ReScript


Thanks for the write up, I think it has some helpful insights.
And I very much agree with your assessment about the current state of ReScript.

Great article, well written :clap: