How to manually install rescript lsp

I am trying to setup Neovim + rescript lsp.

I found Neovim + Rescript .

However, this seems to only install the neovim / rescript plugin, but not eh rescript lsp.

Is there instructions somewhere on how to install rescript lsp ?

Follow these instructions:

My config looks like this

require'lspconfig'.rescriptls.setup {
    cmd = { 'node', '/home/xxx/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/packer/start/vim-rescript/server/out/server.js', '--stdio' },

I use mason.nvim. It will download the file from the latest stable release and add it to the Neovim PATH as rescript-lsp.

require'lspconfig'.rescriptls.setup {
  cmd = { 'rescript-lsp', '--stdio' },