I started a YouTube channel

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that I have started a YT channel. Currently, it is dedicated to Rescript. My main goal is to increase awareness and entice people to try it out.


Hey man, I was actually positively surprised by the production quality of your videos - great job on that. You even got the lighting almost spot on (but you probably want some front lighting too).

I’ll be following your stuff. I’m a sucker for idiomatic and esoteric stuff, so I would love to see some more advanced ReScript stuff later down the line, and how to do patterns in an idiomatic style and so on.


Thank you, Philip, for your kind words! I appreciate your feedback, and it certainly helps an introvert like myself to continue. Yes, the lighting is a bit of an issue, but I think I have a solution :slight_smile:

I’ll be covering some more in-depth topics, for sure.

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Amazing work. Liked the series :+1: I think the lighting is good, not super lit from the front, but still very cozy. And would be great to see the upcoming rescript V11 in the videos.
Also, I think rescript-json is a bad choice of a decoding library. It’s not only abonded, but also it has problems with API and performance. Right now in ReScript ecosystem there are only rescript-schema and glennsl/rescript-json-combinators. Other options are outdated and I discourage using them.


Thank you @DZakh for your feedback and support, I appreciate it!

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Nice! It might be better for discoverability to put the topic of each episode in the video title instead of just episode 1, episode 2, etc. Then people looking for guides on certain topics can find the appropriate video instead of having to click through and read the descriptions.


Thank you for your suggestion, @yangdanny97!