IC Manage is hiring

I’m the engineer for the GUI portion of the GDP-XL team at IC Manage. Our project is expanding and we need an engineer with strong UI/UX skills.

I’ve been slowly migrating an Angular SPA to ReScript + React. Most of that conversion is complete, but a few components block the removal of Angular. Soon, I want to move towards NextJs 13 (or comparable solution) in order to reduce the client side logic.

Other responsibilities / opportunities include

  • Dockerized node js server using ReScript and fastify
  • ReScript project that builds our customer documentation
  • Customer facing website detailing our software releases
  • More and better Cypress integration tests
  • Data visualization - dashboards, charts, graphs

Knowledge of the version control system perforce is a plus. The position is preferred to be internal in our office in Campbell, California however for the right candidate a remote arrangement is possible. References are requested. Please forward Resumes to: Robert.Murphy@icmanage.com

About IC Manage

IC Manage was founded by Shiv Sikand and Dean Drako, highly successful entrepreneurs across several technology categories.

The GDP-XL development team leads the industry in delivering advanced IP and Data Management solutions that are used by companies leading the semiconductor industry, like AMD, NVIDIA, Samsung, Infineon, Qualcomm, Microchip and others.


@jeff-button in case you’re interested in adding the logo there’s now a button for that right on the main page here https://rescript-lang.org

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