Inconsistent assumptions upgrading to @rescript/react (vs graphql-ppx?)

updating to @rescript/react from reasonml-react this morning and hitting a lot of these “build is stale” errors. Have done the various degrees of cleaning but suspect its version mismatch between @reason/react and graphql-ppx? Is there some sweet spot for these two or am i stuck?


rescript: [1221/1357] src/components/CapabilityRunSweepCreate/SweepInput-Noble.cmj
FAILED: src/components/CapabilityRunSweepCreate/SweepInput-Noble.cmj

  We've found a bug for you!

  It's possible that your build is stale.
  Try to clean the artifacts and build again?
  Here's the original error message
  The files src/fragments/fragDataLabel-Noble.cmi
  and /Users/alexmouton/Documents/code/noble/web/node_modules/@rescript/react/lib/ocaml/reactDOMRe.cmi
  make inconsistent assumptions over interface React

These should get resolved by cleaning and building from scratch. Can you let us know what steps you followed and what the dependency versions are?

I have done rescript clean and rescript build -with-deps and removed and reinstalled node_modules in various combinations.

@rescript/react 0.10.3
graphql ppx 1.0.2 and 1.2.0
reason-react 0.9.1


If you are using @rescript/react, you need to remove reason-react. They are mutually exclusive.

Only @rescript/react listed in my bsconfig.json

Ah. it was rescript-apollo-client 1.0…upgraded to 2.10 and good to go