Is it only me or is rescript is dead?

as title says, seem like thats it.
no new annuncments anywhere and nothing on github either.

what your thoughts?

Idk, I just wrote ReScript whole day at work. I hope it didn’t die in the process.

Seriously though, I guess it’s just a quiet season because people have lives.


Did you read this thread: As a child waiting for presents under the christmas tree, do we have any news about the upcoming V10? - #2 by ryyppy?

I hope not, I never want to go back to “normy” JS again.


Do you have any announcements for us Isaac?

I think that the Rescript team got it to a good-enough stable version and took some time off to recharge


I would measure activity based on the following:

  • are the number of people experimenting with rescript in toy projects (github used by count for rescript-compiler repository) on github increasing?
  • are the number of startups (hacker news who’s hiring, etc) using rescript shrinking, remaining steady, or growing?
  • are the number of prominent open source applications (informally searching github by language rescript and sorting by forks descending, and picking out projects that are full applications, rather than libraires) using rescript shrinking, remaining steady, or growing?

From my limited prespective, each of those metrics seem to be remaining steady, but not growing, yet.


Just busy building stuff in rescript for prod. :slight_smile:

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Hi. I got my first newborn at the end of last year, so I am a bit busier than usual. I would expect my life get back to normal by the middle of this year.

The project has been worked on many years so that I don’t think you need make commits every week, the vscode plugin does need some more work though.

Note all work is done by volunteers, if any company would like to fund us, your help will be much appreciated.


Congratulations on your baby @Hongbo!

In addition to monetary support, is there anything community members can do to help the team? I really, really want to see ReScript flourish.


I’m not an expert but I’ve heard it’s more like 18 years :wink:

Anyway, congrats again, hope you are enjoying this as much as possible :slight_smile:


Actually more like after 22-23 years. You’ll have a few “normal-like” months per year if they go away to college/university. :joy:

Anyhow, congratulations! Take your time. You can always get back to writing code. You want to treasure this time because once they go mobile it’s all over. :joy:

Seriously though, it’s like anything else in life, there will be good days and there will be frustrating days. You enjoy the good and you learn to manage the bad to the degree it’s within your power to do so.

Thanks for all your hard work in making ReScript an enjoyable language to write code in.



It should get a bit easier after six months. Mine is seven months now, and I AM SO HAPPY that we got to this point lol


Congrats man.

im just saying if you wanna keep the lang alive in ppls mind atleast get some posts at the site blog.

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Personally, i use rescript everyday on my project, back & front.
The language is pretty stable actually, i develop with it, and i don’t see any problems.
The DX is also pretty awesome when you enable auto-save on VScode.
The bindings for using JS lib is great, no problems with it.

So even so, the extension, need some more work in order to be state in the art, and the compiler too in order to give more readable feedback like elm. Those kind of stuff are not really mandatory to develop all day in rescript. They are more like a nice plus to market the langage.

My 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:


Still moving forward with ReScript in a commercial project :smiley: and also using it in NodeJS and client side for my Twitch overlay which I recently streamed about

Plenty of activity here on the forums too :smiley:


I can’t imagine what made you think like the rescript ecosystem is on the decline. Is alive and well since the devs are actively trying to grow the community by:

  • Breaking compatibility with Reason/Ocaml tools while providing nothing as an alternative (documentation generators), or something very subpar (vscode extension)
  • Having a roadmap that consists of more deprecations and breaking changes, without zero mentions of the features that were heavily requested by the community (async/await, better js binding syntax, proper JSX highlighting, React 18 support, new Promise bindings).
  • Having rescript-lang/* repos with updates 9+ months ago screams confidence and determination
  • A ton of abandoned bs-* and *-reason repos (see point 1), they also guarantee to increase confidence in the ecosystem

On a serious note, the current state of rescript is very discouraging and almost hostile for anyone who wants to contribute to the community. It almost screams “Stay away! More breaking changes are incoming! Why do you even bother?”
Windows won the OS wars not because it was the best product (far from it), but because it was reliable and had very good backward compatibility. You can’t build up critical mass since you’re constantly breaking things left and right, doing that almost guarantees that you’ll be stuck in an endless limbo, not to mention how frustrating it is for someone who is already invested in your ecosystem.

I’m currently thinking about developing a documentation generator for rescript projects and thoughts about more breaking changes in the future (often with zero prior announcements) haunt my dreams.

PS: Been using Reason/Rescript on the frontend with Ocaml on the backend in prod for four years now, and I don’t see myself switching back to JS/TS. Even with all the shenanigans I still prefer Rescript.


It’s totally normal that the core team members have a personal life that can leave them less free time to work on Rescript and its tooling but now that the community is growing, it’d be cool to have those projects have more bus-factor.

I’ve worked on small issues/PRs on rescript-vscode, syntax and compiler projects during the past months that didn’t receive a single comment from the core team. Maybe it’s time to give write access to more people on those projects.


Maybe it’s time to give write access to more people on those projects.

Can you send me an email or PM with more details? e.g, your github account and which projects you are interested in sharing some responsibilities


I usually get fast responses in docs, compiler, and vscode repos. I think syntax repo needs some love (although i converted all of our codebases to rescript syntax i still feel reason syntax was far more stable/polished).
aside from that sometimes it’s not about push/merge access, it’s about if I do X with Y approach will that be aligned with rescript’s goals? what’s happening behind the scenes? and things like that.
this issue might be a good example.

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