Is it optimal for code-splitting to put all Svg icons in one file?

I wonder if it is optimal for code-splitting to contain all Svg icons from a single file. I notice that BS exports all of the Icon components as an object. I wonder if this means that when I use a single Icon the app loads all of the icons.

as long as your compiled looks like this:

var Icon1 = {
  make: Icon$Icon1

var Icon2 = {
  make: Icon$Icon2

var Icon3 = {
  make: Icon$Icon3

export {

I think you should be fine?

Yeah it looks like that. But I’m not sure how will the tree-shaking work with that. I use NextJS.
I recall that for lodash I have to import by using the explicit paths for example lodash/pipe instead of destructuring the import since otherwise webpack would import the whole lodash.

Also, if I’m exporting all of the elements in the file, should I still see benefits of writing an implementation file *.resi.