Is ReasonReact due for a name change now too?

With the recent rebranding and as reasonreact seems to be part of the rescript ecosystem, will ReasonReact be renamed to something like RescriptReact?


My vote is simply ReReact :smile:

Edit: Maybe ResReact… but that’s not as much fun :confused:


yup I thought about ReReact, it’s cleaner, but probably not so clear. There are also some reason libraries named re-xxxx too which may be confusing.

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What about ReactRS or This would be a logical complement to ReactJS/React.js, but I can also see how this could be too confusingly similar. (And it seems like the default name for the JavaScript version is React, without the JS.)

A downside which comes to my mind is that rust files already have this extension :thinking:

File extension being more recently .res, React.res ?
It’s even more a generic problem: how to name rescript package?
Currently for React Native we used reason-* but maybe we should focus on a dedicated rescript focused naming indeed.


Resact. :microphone: :arrow_heading_down::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:



Not a chance, lol.

But as for naming conventions for ReScript packages on Github/NPM, I seem to recall a discussion about it in which most folks preferred the rescript- prefix. I tend to agree with that idea. At least it’s unambiguous…

Probably @rickyvetter’s call, but I really like the sound of rescript-react as well!

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