Is reScript used in production?

i know its really new lang still, ofc whoever used reason in production has probably swiched over to reScript but besides that.

just wondering about the job market.

i’ll probably start learning it when i’ll begin my final year project.


I use it but I don’t have any developers on my team anymore.
But if I was a tech lead again I would for sure champion ReScript


I think it does not matter if ReScript itself is widely used in the industry.
If you learn ReScript, a step into OCaml, F#, or any statically typed functional language really, will be easier. Also the differences between Reason and ReScript can be learned in a day.

That being said, we have three Reason projects in production which we have yet to convert to ReScript. If we started a new project, however, I am sure we would already use ReScript there.

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I have two ReasonML projects in production, one using Reason+js_of_ocaml and the other Reason+ReScript. We will convert the second (our collaboration project) to ReScript syntax some time after infix operators are added, and the long-term plan is to expand it’s use across all of TinyMCE.

I talk about why we use it in this blog post:


thanks everyone.

the next lang iam planing to learn would be rust ofc.
think it does have so FP but dont think its the main focus, not sure.

does rescript react works with tailwind?
not that i know tailwind yet, just wondering.

Rust is functional enough that you can get in faster if you come from ReScript or the like. It has ADTs, pattern-matching, immutability by default, modules, closures and Options instead of nulls.

Tailwind works with ReScript as well as with JS I suppose. It is even used in


We have about 400k 200k (sorry, misread the cloc output) lines of the ReasonML syntax in production and have had very few production issues. Like, I can’t remember any. Most of it server code running on Node, and we use infixes, ppxs, objects… so we are far from the standard ReScript use case. Since we’re not the standard use case, we’ve definitely had our fair share of non-production issues with things, but stability/quality/performance of the deployed javascript has never been an issue. That said, production-ready means different things to different people/companies, so it’s hard to say.

This is only half-relevant advice, so please feel free to ignore it, but if I was just getting out into the market, I’d learn the basics of both but not get super deep on either. You may find the similarities that do exist between the two help you solidify your understanding of them both (like the things mentioned above). Also, they’re used for pretty different things (usually) so it helps to know what you want to do with it.

Another issue you may run into is just learning material. Search for “Rust” and you’ll find tons of books domain-specific to the thing you want to do. If you search for ReScript, or ReasonML, you’ll get maybe three. Those books are fantastic (thank you @yawaramin!) but it’s something to consider.