Is there a future of ReScript without React?

Most of the people that use ReScript generally use it for frontend projects with React. ReScript even seem to have a first class support for React.

What if in the future, something other than React comes along and people begin to migrate away from React. Does ReScript still have a future?


I actually use rescript for backend too, and quite a lot of people do it too.

But I agree it’d be good to have a more agnostic use of JSX, that’s why some people work on a preserve mode for JSX.


Some even only write their business logic in ReScript and do the UI parts in TypeScript. TS can consume ReScript types that are automatically generated by genType.

Where I work, we will probably do React for the next decade. So ReScript is a safe bet as well for us.

At some point JSX preserve mode will hopefully happen. Also the JS output will ditch var in favor of let in the future, which may also be important. The new uncurried mode in ReScript 11 may also play an important role here.

You see there is stuff happening to make ReScript more versatile, but it is a longer process.


What does it mean by preserve mode for JSX?

EDIT: Nvm I just found out.

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Very interesting, the cognitive for doing 2 languages seems overkill.

Yeah, I don’t understand why ReScript used var instead of let?

Why uncurried mode will be important in this matter?