Is there a "googlable name" for data models schemas in ML?

Hi. I’m new to ML and it seams so good to for data and process modeling but strangelly hard to find examples besides digging into existing modules.

Any pointer about modeling in ML resources?


It’s roughly the OCaml or Standard ML module systems.

Introductory texts for those languages will often skip over the module system as it is deemed to complex. The more advanced texts, however, tend to give the module systems full treatment, and that’s one place to start. Be aware there are some subtle differences between how OCaml and Standard ML treats the modules. As a result, Rescript picked up some of the idiosyncracies of OCaml.

As for how we are going to end up using modules in Rescript, I think that chapter is still to be written.

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I’ve heard good things about this book but haven’t read it myself:


I failled to even get to the “domain” word :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks :slight_smile: