Is there a way to provide structural subtyping in rescript? Js.t(#PIXI.C.displayObject)

We have a resonml codebase which we want to migrate to rescript.

We are using bs-pixi ( in our reasonml project,
While migrating our codebase using the bsc -format command we faced issues since we are using


as # is not valid rescript syntax

Our original reason binding looked something like this

external getFilters:
  (~displayObject: Js.t(#PIXI.C.displayObject)) => Js.Nullable.t(filters) =

we converted it to rescript like this

external getFilters: (~displayObject: {..}) => Js.Nullable.t<filters> = "filters"

this doesn’t seem to be the correct way to provide structural subtyping

Please help with the correct way to replicate the Js.t(#PIXI.C.displayObject) in rescript