Is there a working, production-like example of a ReScript app?

I was interested in Reason, even more so in ReScript. I never had time to give Reason a proper try, but I have a little bit more time now, and would like to give ReScript a go.
What would help me tremendously if there was even a small example, like a Todo app or such, to give me a proper overview. Anything would do, provided it does some CRUD, has a proper filesystem layout, and provides an example of styling.
Is something like that available, or should I look at Reason for examples at the moment?

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If you’re talking about frontend, I think John did amazing work on Coronate - A Swiss-style chess tournament management app. Mind this project uses reason syntax and not the new rescript syntax yet.


My “Workout of the day” app has been converted to ReScript, maybe that can give you some insights

I also have a library for phone number parsing that’s been converted

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I’ve migrated reason-react-realworld-example-app to ReScript, It is an exemplary real world application built with ReasonReact and ReScript.