Is there an oidc client library?

Hi, I’m looking to transition from React with typescript to rescript. I need to integrate with Azure AD B2C, and have experience with msal-browser.

I’m thinking of making bindings for this library, but as I have no experience with rescript I’m anticipating a lot of hair-pulling.

Are there any oidc client libraries in the ecosystem? What do people do when implementing auth?

Hello! If you have some example snippets you’d like to see in the output, you can write them here, and we can write the input. You can also try looking at the output at

I have bindings for msal and a react wrapper for it. I’ll try to remember to post it tomorrow if you’re interested.
They are written in reason but you can either convert them or just keep them as is.

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Thanks for responses, and sorry for being unresponsive. Yes, @ulrikstrid, I’d very much like to see how you made the bindings and the react wrapper :+1:

I re-wrote the bindings for @azure/msal-browser about 6 months ago, but before that we had bindings to msal that we’ve been using for about 2 years in production.


Many thanks, @ulrikstrid! Simple and beautifully designed react wrapper :clap:
Those bindings weren’t as scary as I had thought they would be :sweat_smile: Thanks again!

Just found this as well:
Might be easier to just create bindings for that directly :slight_smile:

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