Is there any plan to optimize the ue of rescript-vscode on Windows?

Hi, all rescripters! I am very curious about how much of you write rescript on native Windows. I used rescript-vscode on windows for my project, the type hint is too slow to write more code, so i copied the project into wsl, the compiler and editor is running much faster than it runs on Windows. Recently i have a project which is indepent of selenium, it is much easier for running selenium on Windows than Linux system, so i need to develop the project on Windows, but the user experience of rescript-vscode is not so good.

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I use wsl for all my development on windows.

Folks, it would be great if you could provide us with some more details about your setup (wsl, cygwin, project related configuration like ppxes, number of files compiled in the project etc etc).

Also if you could give us a reference on what slow means, that would also greatly help (e.g via video recording, or even better some lsp logs)

Otherwise there’s no real actionable to derive from.


I have just found that the ue on Windows is much better than before!!(compared with the old version which was pubished almost 2 months before). And i uploaded a recorded video of the type hint’s behavior on Windows here