Is there any test suites for ReScript?

Currently I can only find some test suites from “syntax” library:

Is there anything else? Thanks.

Well, there’s at least rescript-zora and an upcoming (yet unpublished) testing library by ReScript team.

I use bs-mocha (which seems to be abandoned, although it still works). It’s a different syntax but it still works with ReScript syntax compatibility; I’m thinking about forking it to a rescript-mocha project.

@lyndon did you mean test for the compiler or testing library?

What I mean is the test cases for the compiler, not testing framework/library.
For example, in OCaml, we can find the test suite in “testsuite” folder in OCaml source tree.

Yeah see here: rescript-compiler/jscomp/test at master · rescript-lang/rescript-compiler · GitHub