Is v10 based on OCaml 4.10.2? Any change to have a support the let+ syntax with it?

I’ve noticed that the 4.06.1+rescript is disappeared, but 4.10.2+rescript is found in opam. I guess the next rescript v10 might have the support of OCaml compiler v4.10.2 which has the binding operators(OCaml - Language extensions). It is available to use a monadic operation such as async/await in a native way of language level.

Any chance that Rescript v10 has a syntax to support the binding operators?

AFAIK 4.10.2+rescript is most likely there to develop the ReScript compiler, which in fact is now decoupled from any specific OCaml version (from a development perspective). This allows maintainers to use more recent OCaml tooling to work on the compiler etc.

There are no plans on supporting this on the syntax side right now.

I’m sure Hongbo will weigh in when he can, but yes this is exactly it. The ReScript compiler is still an extension of the 4.06 semantics and AST, building with 4.10.2 just means it can be compiled on modern OS’s. For example earlier versions of OCaml cannot build on macOS Monterey, and creating a build of ReScript for Apple Silicon definitely requires a modern OCaml.

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Thank @ryyppy for the clarification!