[job] Front-end Engineer role at Jane Street

I know this isn’t quite on topic, so apologies if this isn’t the right forum, but I thought this is a role that folk in the ReScript community might be interested in, even if it’s using OCaml rather than ReScript.

The short version is: we’re looking to hire front-end engineers to work on the design and implementation of our next-generation of browser-based tools for operating our trading infrastructure. We’re building tools for expert users, and want to maintain a high UX bar while building tools that are powerful and flexible, so it’s a challenging domain.

I wrote a bit more about the role here:

And you can find a link to the job descriptions and the application page here:

NY: Front End Software Engineer: Experienced :: Jane Street

(I’d put in the link to the London version of the application page, but the forum will only let me put in two links! The other one is also linked from the Twitter thread.)