Join Smartcuts as employee #4 (remote)

Hi everyone. Smartcuts is a Y Combinator backed startup building a new kind of no-code automation product. Check out our 1 minute product video here. We’re hiring globally for full stack and front end engineers to join us as the fourth and fifth members of our close-knit team.

We have a delightful functional and serverless stack in the form of ReScript, the database Fauna, Next.js, and Vercel. Our choices come from a preference for strongly typed, functional languages and for serverless architectures – choices that allow us to focus on the necessary, not the incidental, complexity of the problem space.

Some of the interesting engineering challenges in this problem space?

  • How can you design an algorithm that can reliably locate elements on a page, without asking the user to specify css selectors?
  • How can you leverage AI to automatically detect and extract structured records from a web page?

We’re a remote-first team but have an office in NYC. If you’re interested in automation, no-code tools, and writing ReScript full time, definitely head over to our careers page to check out our open roles.


I like the demo video.

I am unclear on how Next.js is helping to avoid incidental complexity? Is it because you have chosen a mixture of server side and client side rendering and it simplifies that mixture? If so, why was server side rendering introduced? If not, I’m curious to hear your reactions on the pros and cons of using next.js for a pure client side rendered app vs selecting your preferred routing approach and configuring code splitting directly with webpack?