JSX 4 version error in classic mode

Hey folks! How are you?

I’m trying to use styled-ppx with some project of mine and for that the author of the library released a version working with the “classic” mode of JSX version 4. But when I try to change that config in my bsconfig.json I get the error: The record field label key is defined several times compiling one of my files, without anymore help to find out what is going on. Changing the config back to “automatic” makes the error goes away. Any help on what I’m doing wrong?


Hey man, I totally missed that. Can you post those in the issue?

I think that was already solved, I thought that the error was because I was explicitly declaring the “key” attribute when generating elements in interations, and I’ve read somewhere that the JSX 4, we don’t need to explicitly declare the “key” attribute, but after updating the ppx version the error gone away. Thanks for the response!