Language name and syntax in new publications

I’m working on a few blog posts and bumped into a question. What the ReScript team and the community think should be used in new publications as language name and which syntax: ReScript vs ReasonML?

I posted a poll regarding syntax on Twitter a few days ago, and apparently, it’s a draw.

Now, when I’m redacting text content, I’m not sure if I should change ReasonML to ReScript? And if I should, should I add something like ReScript (formerly known as ReasonML) (or BuckleScript lol) to the first occurrence of ReScript?

ReScript vs ReasonML in new publications
  • ReScript
  • ReasonML

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I think @fham did a really good job with the branding in his latest blog post:


I like saying “ReScript (formerly known as BuckleScript/ReasonML)” in the first mention, including the link to the rebrand announcement. I also use tags for all three for platforms that have tagging.

If I closely followed the news for ever technology I work with, I’d never get anything done, so I figure there still a lot of folks out there who still haven’t heard about the rebrand. In addition to being informative to immediate readers, linking to the announcement blog post will give it a little SEO bump, which I figure will be good for educating users.

Mentally, I’ve set a clock for about a year after which I’ll stop referring to BuckleScript/ReasonML entirely.