Like ReScript? Like Elixir? is looking

Hey all. we ( ) are hiring Fullstack engineers who’re excited about combining FP and business value :slight_smile:
We’re a well funded startup building the a new way for client-facing teams to sell(check us out)

  • Our R&D team is spread across TLV :sunny:/Europe :herb:/US :national_park: and we’re remote-flex(want an office :briefcase:? you got it, want to work from home :couch: - do it, want to come sometimes to our office :muscle:? sure)
  • We do Elixir(Phoenix)+GQL(Absinthe)+ReScript(React)
  • We practice DDD and always try to balance quality vs business value.
  • We do OSS -
  • And in general we’re a nice bunch :slight_smile:

Looking for: (years of experience is in any stack, not necessary elixir/rescript but preferably functional type-safe languages)

  • Staff engineer(10+ years exp)
  • Technical team leader(6+ years of experience + 3+ years of management experience)
  • Senior engineer(6+ years)

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