Live Stream: hacking

Hey everyone,

I wanted to try something new, so I thought it would be fun to start doing some live-streaming here and there whenever I am working on some interesting parts in the ReScript toolchain or documentation platform.


I made a plan a while ago on implementating a third party ReScript package index page on, so that it’s easier to search and find existing ReScript libraries / JS bindings (similar to redex, but way simpler). The planned implementation will involve NextJS’ incremental static regeneration feature, querying npm json apis, and Fuse.js for fuzzy searching. Gonna be some interesting querying challenges, promise handling, binding writing etc.


Wednesday, 4th of November, 6pm CET


On my Twitch

Will try to keep an eye on the Twitch chat, in case you want to ask questions while I am building things. Probably the best way to learn more about the codebase as well!


Yesterday was an interesting experience. I hope it was also interesting to those who watched. Still need to tweak my stream setup etc, next time it will be a little bit more optimized.

Here’s the test deployment which already lists a static list of npm packages with a rescript keyword:

Working Draft PR:

I will continue this work in my next session, which will be announced in this thread again.
The latest date (in case I can’t do it earlier), will be Wednesday 11th, 6pm again.

Please let me know if I should consider a particular timezone. I am located in Vienna (CET / GMT+1).



How will you get rid of packages around

E.g. your list contains

But the author uses “rescript” as a keyword, not “rescripts”.

Wanted to add a blocklist for that

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So, it will be (slightly) curated? Cool.

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Is it expensive to check for bsconfig.json?

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Hm… i mean, the ecosystem is really small, I don’t think we need to implement any more complex heuristics

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Scheduled my next streaming session for next week to hack on the ReScript package index page.


  • Getting the npm data in through Next’s server fetching features
  • Adding some simple filtering for packages that are not ReScript related

Wednesday, 11th of November, starting at 6pm CET (for probably 2 hours again).

On my Twitch channel

I also had some time to tweak my sound and camera settings, so hopefully the video quality will be much better this time.


Live right now!

Thanks for joining in!

Today we managed to set up static site generation for our package index and fetch the data from npm (see the latest commit)… I also showed off some of our upcoming ReScript IDE features, like types-on-hover / auto completion in Vim.

Lastly we had the chance to talk a little bit about our ups- and downs during the Reason -> ReScript transition and how to effectively migrate your codebase to the new syntax (and explained how I did the whole re -> res process with

Next session will be next week Wednesday, November 18th, 6pm CET, where we will implement the rough filter logic for unrelated packages, and also add some more visual structure and styling as well.


Reminder that there will be the next working session from
2020-11-18T17:00:00Z to 2020-11-18T19:00:00Z

Was it live only or there is a registration?

It was live, but i will upload my latest session on an unlisted Youtube playlist


Okay everyone!

So last Wednesday I did another twitch stream, and I promised to continue my work on the ReScript package index… but the day before the stream I had some other very interesting task at hand that I wanted to continue working on.

The feature what I am talking about is a “Syntax Lookup Widget”. A pretty neat idea that I drafted out in this particular issue.

Anyways, I recorded the session and put the content on an unlisted Youtube list here:

It’s the raw ~2 hour recording without any further editing. Let me know what you think about the format.



Very cool and professionally done @ryyppy. Now I want to try out the new language server :smiley:

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Thanks Jaap :smiley:
You can already install the newest VSCode extension / VIM extension with the updated features.

@ everyone: 2020-11-25T17:00:00Z is going to be the next live coding session on Twitch. This time I am continuing my work on the Package Index for real! :crossed_fingers:


Package Index is slowly taking shape.

Here’s a preview deployment from this evening’s stream:

We essentially structured the UI a little bit more, added categories for official / community resources and pulled in the search box component we already built in another WIP PR (featuring our future syntax lookup widget).

Next session is going to be on 2020-12-02T17:00:00Z!


2020-12-09T17:00:00Z is gonna be my next live coding session, slowly wrapping up the package index work, and maybe there’s still some time left to prepare the docs for the upcoming 8.4 release!

Gonna be on my Twitch channel again.


Are there/will there be VODs?

I usually decide this on a case by case basis… all my sessions are usually recorded, but since I am a perfectionist, it takes time and muse to edit, render and upload the material.

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