Looking for a developer with ReScript/ReasonML experience (Helsinki/Prague/remote)

We are developing a B2B product called PACE which is a modular system supporting the automation of business processes of companies from various fields. The product has a set of tools which we continuously improve. Every customer receives a mix of these tools for their particular business needs. Some of these “lego pieces” include tools for presentations, offer calculators, agendas, surveys, digital signatures and for more specific purposes so called dynamic apps for automating challenging business processes.

We have introduced Reason (and are likely moving to ReScript) by rewriting one of the more complicated features of the software, a presentation tool, in ReasonML. To make things even more interesting, the feature is already and will be even more so integrated with the other features such as surveys and offer calculators. This makes it possible to make highly interactive presentations and to collect structured data during the customer meetings. We also use Reason/ReScript as a backbone for the product’s design system and UI components. Rest of the frontend is built with flowtyped JS/React.

We strongly believe in continuous learning, personal responsibility, freedom and flat structure. We highly value technical quality, problem-solving skills and willingness to set the bar high. Combining this with our product’s ambition level really gives a good environment for upping one’s skills as a professional - even if one already would be a seasoned pro.

We are now looking for an addition to the team. We have offices in Helsinki, Finland and in Prague, Czech, but we are very flexible with remote work, so also a full-remote can be possible.

We are looking for a person:

  • who is experienced in JavaScript/React and frontend development with types in general
  • who is comfortable with ReScript or ReasonML/OCaml - or is a highly motivated and efficient learner.
  • who is technically ambitious and wants to push themselves and the people around them to do better
  • who really wants to see the impact of their own work
  • who is a team player
  • who is capable of organising their own work

It’s a plus if the person has a good eye for UX and UI development, but one could also be a strong creator of logic and architecture or something else instead. Let us know your strengths.

More information about us as a company and what we offer: https://www.rohea.com/we-are-hiring

If you want to hear more about Reason/ReScript in our use, you can ask in this thread or DM me in discourse. (with actual applications, please proceed through the link above)


We’ve already found one great new colleague, but I’m happy to say we could hire at least one more. So if you haven’t yet applied and are considering, please do not hesitate.

ps. I also want to add that full remote is completely ok now and in the future. (I do it myself)

pps. The Reason part of our app is now migrated to ReScript and we keep on extending its use gradually.


Hmm is this still open? @TomiS

Hey @geo_logic

We already found someone, so unfortunately right now we are not actively hiring. But I’ll update here if the situation changes.


Sounds great. Will keep a lookout.