Looking for a ReScript Job as a React.js JavaScript Engineer


I am from India and my name is Arup Dash.
I am working as senior front-end developer currently.
I have 7 years of experience now including 4 years in React.js.
I am very interested in ReScript and ReasonML, although I have never worked on Backend.
I am willing to put my best efforts in Backend as well.

I would love to be in a place working on ReScript and ReasonML. if anyone finds my profile interesting please contact me.

Thank you :blush:

Hi Arup,

This is Prateek, from Porter. I currently work as a Frontend Staff Engineer at Porter.

We at Porter have been using reasonML, and now Rescript for close to 4 years now. It has been an equally challenging and exciting journey working with reasonML. Let’s connect to understand your motivations and interests.

Please drop me an email at prateekpandey@porter.in with your contact details and preferably a link to your LinkedIn profile. We can take it up from there.

Looking forward to our first conversation.

LinkedIn | Twitter

For your reference, a brief about Porter

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