Looking for critique for my ReScript codebase

I have this simple chat app code base written in ReScript. I’m looking forward for any critiques, recommendations, advice.

btw I came from the JS/TS world so my coding style might not fit the OCaml community much.


ReScript is closer to JS community than the OCaml one. So don’t worry about it.


I’ve taken a look at the code. I like it, great job :ok_hand:

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Thank you. I am still grokking over the serialization and deserialization code. I probably gonna use rescript-struct in the future but for now I am doing it bare bones.

That’s great to hear!

A while ago, I’ve written a web server using fastify. It might give you some inspiration. Here’s the abstraction over fastify, which uses rescript-struct for data validation and transformation. Also, it’s used to generate JSON schema for open api and faster serializing:

let make = (~connectToGameUseCase: InPorts.ConnectToGameUseCase.t) => {
    ~summary="Connect provided User to the Game",
    ~handler=request => {
      let params = request->ApiModule.Request.extractParams
      let body = request->ApiModule.Request.extractBody
      let authDetailsDto = request->ApiModule.Request.extractAuthDetailsDto

      )->Promise.thenResolve(connectToGameResult => {
        switch connectToGameResult {
        | Ok() => ApiModule.Response.NoContent
        | Error(Unauthorized) => ApiModule.Response.Unauthorized
        | Error(UserAlreadyConnected(message))
        | Error(DeviceAlreadyConnected(message))
        | Error(GameNotFound(message)) =>
        | Error(Forbidden) => ApiModule.Response.Forbidden
        | Error(Failed) => ApiModule.Response.InternalServerError
    ~paramsStruct=S.object(o =>
        "gameId": o->S.field(
            "The Id of the Game to connect User",
    ~bodyStruct=S.object(s =>
        "userId": s.field(
          ApiModule_InputStruct.User.id->JsonSchema.description("The provided User Id"),
        "deviceId": s.field(
            "The Id of Device that provided User using in the Game",

Also, I’ve started developing https://ts-rest.com/ alternative for ReScript. But it’ll most likely come out next year.


Nice monorepo. Have you tried a setup with a single compiler running for all packages, maybe even with rewatch?

Looks neat! Thank you

I haven’t tried it! I will try this.

That’s very cool. I wonder if we can start developing a fullstack boilerplate a.l.a NextJS for ReScript leveraging your project.