Looking for maintainer / contributor

Hi, friends!

I made https://htmltoreason.netlify.app as a side-project a while back, and now it needs a refresh to support ReScript syntax. Any takers?

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Maybe its redundant anyway: HTML to Rescript JSX script

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Thanks @fham .

@mrmurphy The UI for html-to-reason is quite clean! :slight_smile:

The script I had written (https://html-to-rescript-jsx.protoship.io/) didn’t support inline styles, but @a-c-sreedhar-reddy raised a PR, based on some code from your repo. (thanks Sreedhar!)

I also added a few tests and cleaned up the UI a bit. The coverage for HTML attributes is not as comprehensive as html-to-reason at the moment and can be improved.

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Oh wow, @fham thanks for linking that, and @jasim thanks for the work!