Mechanically translating *.re file to *.ml file

I am interested in porting GitHub - hazelgrove/hazel: Hazel, a live functional programming environment with typed holes to OCaml / Js_of_ocaml / Incr_dom / bonsai.

I’m wondering if there is some rescript/ocaml flag that will let me do a mechanical line by line translation of *.re to *.ml ?

Of course the FFI / library calls will result in errors, but I’m fine with manually fixing those.


This question doesn’t feel like it’s a ReScript related question, since you are going the route reason → ocaml → js_of_ocaml.

I think a better place to ask this would be on the OCaml discourse or ReasonML Discord channel?

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I’m sorry, this is my fault. I confused *.re with *.res and ReScript with ReasonML.