Monaco (without support?

I’m working on an in-browser IDE with Monaco editor (but I don’t have full running in browser).

I know that vscode has a Rescript extension.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to get ReScript ihntellisense type checking in Monaco (without VSCode)

  2. If not for #1, is there an easy way to run on a custom website? (The “.” key on proves it should be possible, but it is not obvious to me how to build a website embedding the entireiy of VSCode).


The XY problem I’m working on is: I’m working on an in-browser game, and if possible, I would like to switch the programming language from TypeScript to ReScript.

However, I am running into the issue that Monaco has great TypeScript support (even without VSCode), whereas I don’t see a way to get in-browser intellisense editor support for ReScript (and all the ReScript playgrounds I’ve seen so far seem to lack intellisense).


EDIT: Non Monaco, Non VSCode, in-browser Editor with ReScript intellisense support welcome too.

Does Monaco use LSP for intellisense?

If so, it could at least work in theory. It might be a little cumbersome to get set up, I assume you’d need to tweak the current LSP to work in the browser, as well as get the internal OCaml binary building with js_of_ocaml or similar. So, probably quite hard, but at least theoretically possible.