Moscow meetup 7 Jan 2022

Hi there!

Everyone in Moscow is welcome to a spontaneous meetup. It will be a small informal event to share ReScript/ReasonML experience and discuss related topics with a pint of beer or cup of coffee… Actually, the primary purpose is to meet together and get to know each other if we’re neighbors anyway.

7 Jan 2022, 18:00. Moscow, metro Turgenevskaya, Myasnitskaya 13, Mollie’s Pub

If you’d like to attend, please, send me “+1” to PM here or via Telegram @nkrkv so that I can manage capacity.


any tweet we can retweet?

Oh, Twitter, sure. That would be helpful, thank you!

I would be glad to attend, but unfortunately I’m already occupied on the 7th. Next time I suggest you posting inventations at least a week in advance. Still, love the idea of a meetup though!

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Good idea, will try to announce it earlier next time. Tomorrow everyone is either out of town or busy, so it seems to be one on one for me and @nkrkv :sweat_smile:

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Great idea, but unfortunately I have plans. Next time I’ll surely come :+1:

How about to create a group in telegram for local meetings?

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Yep, the next time it should be better organized :slight_smile: Announcing in advance and a Telegram group are very reasonable ideas. Will do.

Nevertheless, this meetup has happened. Thanks for coming!


Would be happy to join next time :slight_smile:

How about next meetup same place, same time, this Saturday?

March 26th, 18:00, Moscow, metro Turgenevskaya, Myasnitskaya 13, Mollie’s Pub.

Probably announcement was too late for everyone to read it. Made telegram chat for quicker organization of next meetups: Telegram: Join Group Chat