Move forward with simplified attribute names

Note currently all attribute names start with bs, we want to simplify it using val instead of bs.val, this makes code easier to read and less confusing to beginners.

However, we do piggyback the prefix of bs. to report unused warnings, in that case bs.typo will be reported as unused warning, without such prefix, the ability to report unused warning is limited. Thoughts?

(For the transition, both bs.val and val will be accepted)


Makes a tonne of sense - especially since bs won’t make too much sense now

On the same note.

As a beginner it’s hard to find my way through attributes.

So I search the docs and I find this:

But this is only a list, no documentation, no explanation, no links to more documentation.
Also not all the attributes are listed there. For example:

  • @bs.module
  • @bs.get_index
  • @bs.set_index

Are there any plans to add more documentation for those?

Thank you.

There was a better cheatsheet on

Looks like it did not make the cut to, probably because it needs to be refined first.

Can you clarify, @ryyppy?

Added these back (btw this is a different discussion).