On a monadic parser library

I took a 10 hour pass at parser combinators, here’s a sample of that work. I haven’t developed notations I’m happy with, so the actual usage is a mess of prefixed bind and so on.

Is there interest in a parser combinator library?

Does anyone find it plausible that they’d use it? What about build on / contribute to it? Is this something I want to avoid poisoning the well on (by starting but not doing adequately) or is it better to just go for it?

(I hesitate to call my project rescript-parsec because I’m not a big parsec user, I’m not necessarily inspired by any design cues from over there).

bs-parse looks at least decent from a glance, would the community be better off forking and translating from reason?

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I think one thing to consider is that while working with parser combinators, there is extensive use of custom infix operators, which ReScript does not support. (<*, <*>, *>, <|>, etc.). But I think it would be pretty cool to have monadic parsers in ReScript.

Also, there is this post, which has interesting points about parser combinators.