Opinions on name for a Discord library in ReScript

A while ago, I started working on a Discord library for ReasonML, and now that ReScript seems to be a bit nicer, I figured I’d get back to it. However, I noticed that there are different naming conventions now, so I was wondering what you guys think about the name of the library. I’m partial to ReCord, mostly because it’s a pun and I can make the logo a record if I want :smile:. I realize that might make the library a bit hard to find though now that there’s not something like redex (for now at least).

  • ReCord
  • rescript-discord

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Which one do you like more? Or is there a different one that might be better?

Fiiiiine, I’ll go with the boring name :frowning:


Or instead of ReCord you could go for Redis… something about that sounds familiar though :wink:

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Glad to see Elm’s literal names policy is becoming more popular!


I will say, it does take the pressure off the library creator to make a flashy name.