Patternfly react binding

Hello, my team is considering writing rescript bindings for patternfly-react, e.g. something like the bs-material-ui. Is this forum the proper place to discuss such project, and what other similar bindings we can look at for inspiration?


Yes, this forum was made for discussions like this!
Regarding your question, I am only aware of bs-ant-design, although I am pretty sure it’s not actively maintained.

I have some handwritten but incomplete bindings to semantic-ui at this link. Semantic UI bindings are harder than material-ui though, mostly for the reason that you can either compose most things of different components or just pass props everywhere. So by nature these bindings are a little opinionated on that (which is the main reason I have not done something similar to bs-material-ui for them yet).

Thank you for the references, that’s very useful to see how such bindings are written. So we went ahead and manually created some of the components here: re-patternfly.

Note that we are new to the ecosystem and to help on-boarding we only mention ReasonML mostly because the main ReactJS binding documentation seems to be still associated with Reason.

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We added most of the component and made the initial v1.0.0 release of the binding, including a demo project template using parcel and jest.