Persistence of type information in vscode after failed compile?

Hi Folks
Is there a way to get the type info to stick around after a bad compile?
I see it as a huge huge gap that the tooltips go away in any intermediate state. Thats when I need them most!


Can you post an example?

I think when there’s an error the compiler tries to compute some types and/or the vscode extension shows the type information that it got from latest successfull compile.

I think I ran into this today. My compile got all broken due to a circular infinite reference or something similar. Saw tool tips for old code. ReScript seemed completely broken - wasn’t making any new .js files or gentype. Had to turn off the extension. Ran the build from the command line. And fix the errors before turning back on the VS Code extension.

maybe its not as bad as I’m making out, but have seen it lose track a few times, or take me to some react bindings when i ask for definitions on my own types etc.

I’ve also noticed that the rescript vscode extension experience can be inconsistent at times, ranging from trivial things (show intellisense after explicitly saving/recompiling vs. continuous hinting as you type a la TypeScript or Rust), to more annoying things (getting tripped up by . access notation[1]) to more functional issues similar to what @mouton is describing.

If there is a list of known issues/improvements and guidelines around contributing to the extension, I’d be more than happy to help contribute.